The New Tourist Accommodations Registration Act and How it Affects Your Air BNB

Nova Scotia’s Tourist Accommodations Registration Act replaces the old Tourist Accommodations Act, which required accommodation businesses to be licensed. Many short-term rental properties were unable to comply with the strict licencing requirements, and so were in violation of the Act. Under the new Tourist Accommodations Registration Act, most accommodations will now need to register under the Tourism Accommodations Registry (instead of being licensed). The new Act came into effect on April 1, 2020.


The Tourist Accommodations Registry is an online system that contains basic information about accommodations. A registrant will receive a registration number for each accommodation registered under the Act.


You will need to register your short-term rental if:

(1) you are offering roofed accommodation to travellers in Nova Scotia for 28 days or less, and,

(2) the accommodation being offered is NOT your primary residence, or attached to your primary residence.


You can register starting 01 April 2020, and for the 2020-2021 operating year, the Government of Nova Scotia has waived registration fees.


Visit for more information, or to register your accommodation.



By: C. Danielle MacLean, LL.B., Partner

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