Notary Public & Commissioning Services

corporateWe offer Notary Public and Commissioning services.


Notary Public

Some documents require notarization. A Notary Public is a person specifically authorized under the Notaries and Commissioners Act (Nova Scotia). If you require a document to be notarized as a true copy of the original document, you will be required to show the original to the Notary Public at the time of notarization.


Commissioner of Oaths

A Commissioner of Oaths is a person specifically authorized to take an oath or solemn affirmation when you sign a sworn document or declaration. When you sign an affidavit in front of a Commissioner of Oaths, you are affirming or swearing that the contents of the document are true. You must sign the document in the presence of the Commissioner, who will then commission (witness) your signature. You will need to show the Commissioner valid government issued photo identification at the time of signing.


Our Notary Public and Commissioning services include:

  • • Swearing or affirming affidavits
  • • Certifying true copies of original documents
  • • Letters of consent for travel
  • • Acknowledgments of execution
  • • Other general document notarization or commissioning

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